04 November 2010

Pieces of me.

I'm shattered. Broken. Into pieces. That no one will ever notice.

I like you. That's the truth. I have fallen for you. But i just can't find the words to show it. This feeling was never meant to be said. I was hoping that you'd realised from the way i've reacted when it was about you. Love can't be described by words.

I really want to tell you about my feelings. But then, i was afraid that you'll be shocked. I was afraid that i'm going to lose you when you know the truth. I was afraid that you would distance yourself from me when you get to know of my real feelings towards you.

But then, i was wrong. You have met him. And i'm here, stuck and trying to struggle out from this unsaid feelings that's overwhelming me. That's suffocating me. This unsaid love was never meant to be said. I hoped that he'll be able to give you happiness. More than i do. Because your happiness is the most important thing for me. And i know who i really am. I know my weaknesses. I know i can't always be there for you. I know i can't always catch you when you fall. i know that i can never be a superman for u.

but deep in my heart, i'm still hoping...that you'll know of this feeling that i had for you..
let this feeling dies and sweep away a part of me together with it...God,please give me strength to go over this once again... as i'm getting weaker as YOU tried me over n over again with this feeling.

I love you, n*******

I'm shattered.

And these are the pieces of me.


Anonymous said...

aik, luahan perasaan..

Anonymous said...
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