17 November 2010

..and the reason is you..

...why a man have been trying hard to make others happy..
..to cherish all the important people in his life..
...to put others first before himelf..
...to offer his own safety for others well being..

is because..

he's able to do it now..

one of these days..
he'll be an old man..
the one with the most inability..
to be the one, sitting alone, looking and the stars..
thinking of how the years has gone..
and the old man is now alone..
and hoping..
that with Allah blessing..
someone will be sent to be together with this old man..
to walk together as the days passes..
to be the company that will always stay by his side..
until their ride in this world ends..
and that's the reason for it..

and the reason is...you...

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