31 March 2014

the awaited insyirah

If i wanna meet ur parents in a year's time,
And dicuss about something more serious and official between us,
And start moving towards building the baitul muslim a year after that,

Will you agree?
Or will you turn out to hate me?

Will you turn out to diss me?

Will you turn out to ignore the existence of me?

Die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself turn into a villain.

Dilemma: ETA 7 days?


Mana-manalah. InsyaAllah, Allah perancang terbaik.
Wallahu khairul makirin.


A believe that I'll never lose.

30 March 2014

Let's wait and see who'll get a checkmate. Your move, white.


InsyaAllah, next week 7th April induction for Medical Officer UD41 starts.
The week after that, officially will start working in a hospital.

4 days from now, my birthday.

The greatest birthday present?
Was hoping for something miraculously flawless, but i guess, induction will just do.
Almost 5 month without a job. Can't brain how i actually survived.

White pawn. Two ranks forward.

En passant.